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Sean Barker became the unwilling host to an alien bio-armor known as the Guyver. A year ago he destroyed the Kronos Corporation, an organization of mutants who want the Guyver. Now he is trying to find why the Guyver unit forces him to fight and kill evil. He is lead to an archelogical site where scientists discover an ancient space craft. Now he must fight Kronos again before they discover the secrets of the Guyver's origin.
The creative minds behind the first Guyver movie obviously noticed the tone problem they had so for this film they picked a tone and stuck with it. The result is everything that made the first film enjoyable heightened by a more serious tone and squared to near perfection. Everything about this film is improved, the creature design is heightened, the fight scenes are shorter and to the point, the acting is miles better, the stakes are higher and the tone is fixed on a darker more serious style that makes the film great to watch. One of my favourites in the genre, highly recommend. Director Steve Wang was planning on following this film up with another one but the rights reverted back to their original owners who were not interested in another movie, a crying shame in my opinion.
This movie was vastly superior to the original. They got rid of the horribly goofy attempts at comedy. This movies pure Sci/Fi Action! It has a great plot and action scenes, despite a cheap looking Bee-like alien. The final match is worthy of a Best-Fight Nomination, and it leaves an opening for a third installment, which given the right budget can really be a great film.

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